Zanu-PF: there are no crisis in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe’s governing party Zanu-PF and President Emmerson Mnangangwa are still adamant that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe following the protests that stormed the country a month ago.

Mnangangwa said the protests that were seen in the media were just rogue elements that are ani government and they are funded by outside forces that seek to overthrow the sitting government.

He said this to the African National Congress (ANC) delegates that were sent by the party to better learn about the situation.

The delegates were made up of ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule and other executive members. They were the send envoy to visit the country on the same subject following former National Assembly speaker Mme Baleka Mbete and former minister Sydney Mufamadi.

Zanu-PF represented by External Affairs Secretary Cde Dr Mumbengegwi said that the problems Zimbabwe is facing are not unique to them.

“No party especially a sister party impose itself on another. During the meeting between ZANU PF and ANC the notion of a crisis was quickly dismissed.”

“We agreed there were challenges but they are not unique to Zimbabwe because both countries face challenges. Spent most of the day discussing ways to overcome these challenges. Where there is no crisis or conflict there is no need for mediation.”

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