Tlotliso Funeral Parlour hands food parcels

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As businesses try to coexist and adapt to the pandemic Covid-19 lockdown, Tlotliso Funeral Parlour founder Samuel Holoza Cossa decided to handout a helping hand to the needy in Soshanguve by donating food parcels.

Speaking to him at his branch in Soshanguve, Cossa said it was after a long consideration of the importance of giving back the little you have to the less fortunate at a time of great need.

“Even though our business has also been badly affected by the lockdown regulations it is important that we keep the spirit of ” Botho-Ubuntu”

“I know from personal experiences that it is not nice to go to bed on an empty stomach and although I don’t have much to give, I know that the little that I have will go a long way” he said.

Speaking to one of the recipients Mme Elizabeth Skhosana, she said it has been twice as hard to adapt to this pandemic and to this date ever since lockdown was started, they still don’t know what to do.

The 61 years old grandmother says she is taking care of her 8 orphans who are not receiving any kind grant from government.

With tears in her eyes, Mme Skhosana said their parents (her children) failed to sort out these orphan’s grants papers while they were still alive now she is left to deal with the consequences.

“I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for the little that I get from old age grant” she said.

Another recipient Letta Ramogototwane also appreciated the donations from Mr Cossa said it hasn’t been easy because she also used to make money from cleaning and washing people’s clothes, but now she is forced to remain behind closed doors.

“I wish God could bless their business and give them more strength to continue helping the less fortunate and grow their business” she said.

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