Teenagers ready to dominate farming industry

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In the middle of the global pandemic, Covid-19 that is continuing to hold economies worldwide at ransom, the threat of food security is slowly starting to become a reality in as much as many people are slowly losing their jobs.

Aspiring young farmers have decided to take it upon themselves to stand up and do something, Aubrey Nkuna, Amogelang Modiba and Oreneile Matjene aged 18 &19 founded a nonprofit organisation, Botshabelo Black Farmers Development (BBFD) in Soshanguve with an aim to tackle youth unemployment and expand their knowledge of farming.

These young farmers had a courtesy of hosting Gauteng Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development MEC Morokane Mosupyoe on youth day, June 16 who was also impressed with their passion for farming, their hunger for knowledge and efforts to start and not waiting for a push.

BBFD & MEC Mosupyoe

Even though their organisation is still young, the trio says they have also been involved in several projects of their own that had little to do with farming.

“I have always had love and passion for farming I just didn’t pay that much of attention to it it is only just recently that I decided to pay more attention to it, I got this love and passion from my grandfather in Marapyane as I was visiting him” said chairperson of the organisation Amogelang Modiba.

“Our future goal is to also see ourselves being suppliers to major retail stores and making a difference in our communities” said Aubrey Nkuna.

They said they also want to use their project as one of the things to move young people away from drugs and bad influence.

MEC Mosupyoe said her department will absorb the trio in and offer them training to enhance their knowledge in farming.

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“I just hope they don’t lose interest as soon things don’t go according to plan because that’s the unfortunate thing in life, things don’t always go according to plan. Soldier on until you get it right” she said.

“We are also involved in a project called “Papa Get Involved” mainly focusing on kids with absent fathers. I am very passionate about this one because I don’t know my father and I would’ve loved to have him in my life”

Nkuna said he believes this could possibly be one of the reasons why we are seeing the rise of gender based violence partly because of absent fathers who are not there to teach their boy child how to behave themselves.

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