Santaco KwaZulu Natal to load full capacity from Monday

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The covid-19 relief packages negotiations between government and taxi industry is not getting any better.

The industry is accusing government of sidelining them and only paying attention to their needs and demands when it is their time to benefit.

Transport Minister Fikile had said earlier this month that the industry would be receiving R 1 135billion rand covid-19 relief fund which is said to be R 5000.00 per taxi.

The industry said the money offered by the government is close to nothing and won’t help them maintain their monthly payments, they suggested that the minister relaxes lockdown regulations and allow them to load to full capacity so they can make up lost revenue since lockdown.

Failing to meet the demands made by the industry to increase the money, they engaged in a protest in Gauteng where traffic was disturbed on several roads and some taxis were impounded.

Santaco KwaZulu Natal said they are tired with the regulations and they will be disregarding lockdown regulations and load full capacity.

Santaco KZN office manager Sifiso Shangase told another media house that government’s relief package of R1 billion would not assist them and, therefore, they had resolved to load taxis to full capacity as well increase taxi fares starting next week Monday.

Shangase said they also wanted commuters to travel with fewer restrictions.

“We do not want to have a situation whereby commuters are forced to have permits, if they do not have permits, they should continue to board the shuttles.”

They said that should government dare impound any of their taxis, they will shut down KZN.

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