SA Moves to Level 3 on June 1, Alcohol Sale to be Allowed

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Still no luck for tobacco products users under level 3 lockdown while alcohol get satisfy their thirst, under strict restrictions however.

President Ramaphosa made this announcement late Sunday on Covid-19 lockdown update.

He said that the country will move from level 4 to level 3 where certain restrictions are loosened up, economy opened in certain industries and some expected to return to work.

Although alcohol sale will be allowed, you are only allowed to consume behind closed doors.

“Alcohol may be sold for home consumption only under strict conditions, on specified days and for limited hours. Announcements in this regard will be made once we have concluded discussions with the sector on the various conditions.”

“The sale of tobacco products will remain prohibited in alert level 3 due to the health risks associated with smoking.”

“To ensure that we maintain social distancing, certain high-risk economic activities will remain prohibited. These include:
– Restaurants, bars and taverns, except for delivery or collection of food.
– Accommodation and domestic air travel, except for business travel, which will be phased in on dates to be announced.
– Conferences, events, entertainment and sporting activities.
– Personal care services, including hairdressing and beauty services.”

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