Man to Appear in Court on Covid-19 Fake News

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A 55 years old man from the Western Cape has been arrested for posting a video claiming that coronavirus test kits were contaminated.

“Do not under any circumstances allow them to test you. There’s a possibility that the swabs are contaminated with Covid-19” he said.

He said these claims in a video that was widely shared on social media urging people to not allow health professionals to test them fro covid-19.

The old man also recorded a video sending the message to Economic Freedom Fighter’s (EFF) leader Julius Malema asking him to oppose an approval of 5G network in South Africa.

He claims that 5G network will be responsible for some deaths and it will also be used to spy on people.

He was taken into police custody yesterday and has been charged in terms of the Disaster Management Act.

He will be appearing in court today.

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