EFF Rejects Relaxation of Lockdown Regulations: Reckless and Senseless

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Tough task above and beyond for President Ramaphosa in this tough times of Covid-19 where a lot has to be taken into consideration before any action can be taken.

Saving the economy vs Saving lives.

Shortly after the announcement by the President on Sunday about moving on to level 3 of the lockdown on June 1st, opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have expressed a deep disappointment on the move.

South Africa is set to move to level 3 of the lockdown from 1 June where several sectors of the economy are set to be allowed to trade while schools will also be reopening for Grades 7 and 12.

“The announcement by Ramaphosa tonight must be read as a resignation from fighting Covid-19 and saving lives, especially black lives” said the party.

The party has since the beginning of lockdown been clear on their full support of banning of tobacco and alcohol sale saying that they would contribute in spread the disease much faster.

“Government’s decision to uplift lockdown regulations happens on no sound scientific and epidemiological basis. This is despite their repeated commitment that science will be the only basis to guiding the reopening of the economy. Tonight’s decision must therefore be categorically rejected as reckless and senseless only benefiting the white establishments at the expense of black people’s lives” they said.

They also added that this will turnout bad for black people as they are the ones who always have little to no proper sanitation and quality healthcare.

“Above all, no amount of washing hands, sanitising and social distancing could ever work in overcrowded and dilapidated public facilities like in transport, workplaces and schools”.

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