Residents in Upington Demands for Removal of Foreign Nationals in their Community after a Police Officer was Killed

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Police use rubber bullets to disperse the crowd and arrest several community members in Upinton, Northern Cape who went on a rampage damaging shops owned by foreign nationals.

This outrage started in the late evening hours of Wednesday when a police officer was allegedly killed by a foreign national whose nationality is not yet known to us.

The community also accused the foreign nationals of selling drugs in the community and started damaging shops and properties owned by foreign nationals.

They also gave police 12 hours to remove foreign nationals from their community.

Meanwhile police say a 32 years old suspect was arrested in connection of the killing of the police officer and is due to appear in court soon.

Upington residents marched to the magistrate’s court earlier today demanding for the release of their 20 fellow comrades arrested yesterday.

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