President Ramaphosa urges EFF leader to wait for court decision on CR17 statements

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President Matamela Ramaphosa urged Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) leader and MP Julius Malema to be patient and allow court to make a decision on sealing or unsealing of CR17 bank statements.

He said these words during a virtual parliamentary sitting in the President’s Q&A early Thursday afternoon.

Malema asked President Ramaphosa to walk the talk and be a man of his words when he said that his administration is all about honesty and clamping down on corruption.

He raised this when he was asking the president to join the EFF in filing a court application to have bank statements of CR17 funding made public when the president was up against Cogta Minister Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma for the presidency of the African National Congress (ANC) over a year ago.

It has been alleged by various media reports that many of the people who funded the president in his campaign were offered big government contracts in exchange, but the president dismissed the claims as baseless alleging that they were not true.

The President also claimed that he was not involved in the financial side of the campaign and he does not who donated how much to his campaign trail.

“The body from whom the Public Protector obtained the bank statements in question, the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC), has consistently opposed the publication of these documents.”

“The bank statements in question are from accounts over which I do not have control. They belong to entities and private companies which I do not control and whose internal financial affairs are protected by the country’s privacy laws” said the President.

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But the EFF dismissed the claims saying it is impossible that the President does not know who contributed money to his campaign.

Ramaphosa filed a court application to have CR17 bank statements sealed little over a year ago citing that sensitive information that could compromise privacy to certain individuals.

It is said that CR17 received R 1billion worth of donation.

The EFF said during their press briefing late last month that they will not stop until those documents are made public.

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