Police face heavy backlash on poor action against protesters who set police van alight

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Police face face a heavy criticism from the general public for lack of action after retreating when faced by heavily armed angry white farmers in Free State.

A group on angry farmers stormed the police station and burned a police van forcing police officials to run away saying they wanted to avoid another incident of Marikana where blood would be spilt in a situation that could be easily avoided.

The public had a different view saying protests are a known thing in South Africa because it is everyone’s right to protest, but for police to say they were caught by surprise shows lack of in competency in the police intelligence.

They say even if they couldn’t anticipate protesters being armed but they could have at least be prepared in numbers.

Social media users say the situation could’ve come out differently had the protesters been African and to even take into consideration that they were heavily armed meaning they came prepared for a fight.

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