Police Arrest 13 Foreign Nationals Found Illegally Operating a Factory

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Police say they have arrested a group of 13 foreign nationals for illegally operating a factory in Tongaat, the north of Durban.

Officials say they received a tipoff from one of the community members about the subject company and on their arrival on Thursday they found that there were no activities and all gates were locked.

Further tip off alerted them that they are certain that the company would be operational during the weekend.

To which they swiftly responded and upon arrival they found all gates and doors of the company locked still, but they heard noises coming out of the factory as they were inspecting.

Eventually roller doors were opened after knocking and two of these foreign nationals who opened the roller doors and lied saying they were just at the premises of the factory to collect tools.

It was only after being told that they would be charged for contravening the disaster management regulations for not being confined to their residences in terms of the Disaster Management Act that they blew their cover and attempted to flee the scene.

Officers discovered upon inspection, over 90 sealed beer bottles, over 90 beer cans and over 100 cartons of cigarettes.

Several other foreigners were found hiding in the ceiling and some around the premises. They were also arrested.

They will all appear in court soon.

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