Mpumalanga Serial Rapist Taxi Operator gets 37 Years Behind Bars

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Harsh punishment for a Mpumalanga serial rapist 43-year-old Collen Mandla Ndala who found guilty on five counts he was charged on, most of which are rape and kidnapping.

Ndala has been under police custody since 2015 for crimes he had committed since 2013.

He was a taxi driver and would prey on unsuspecting women who were hitch hiking mostly during the night.

He would then offer them a lift, enquire about their destinations and after a short distance, would make an excuse that he needed to pass by his house first to switch on the lights to which his victims would agree. Ndala would then take a detour, drive to a secluded area and brutally rape his defenceless victims, according to police.

They also say that the matter came to light after it was reported by two women 15 years and 24 years in different occasions. Investigations then ensued until he was tracked down and arrested in 2015.

Ndala pleaded not guilty to all charges and claimed to have been a boyfriend to the victims except the 15 years old whom he claims to have never had any contact with.

Upon losing the case on arguments in court, his defence pleaded for leniency taking into consideration that Ndala is a first time offender who is also suffering from a chronic disease.

“He is a breadwinner who used to take care of his family from the money he would make from being a taxi operator. Taking him to prison would mean losing a breadwinner” said his defence.

However, the prosecutor said that the perpetrator showed no remorse whatsoever in all his actions and deserves a harsh sentence.

The court also heard that he would force some of his victims to perform sexual acts on him.

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He was found guilty and sentenced to 37 years in prison.

Count 1 which is assault with intention to cause grievous bodily harm, he was sentenced to seven years, on Count 2 which is attempted rape, Ndala was sent packing to three years, whereas on Count 3 which is kidnapping, he was sentenced to five years, and on Count 4, the tape rape case, he was sentenced to 25 years and for the charge of compelled self-sexual assault case, he was sentenced to two years.

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