Husband Shoots Wife Dead and Attempts Suicide in Mpumalanga

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Domestic violence still continues to be one of the biggest problems South Africa has to deal with on daily basis as number of cases continue to rise even during the lockdown.

World Health Organization (W.H.O) had reported an increase in reported cases of domestic violence where women and children found themselves being locked up in their homes with their abusive significant others.

Just recently it was reported that a 42 years old man from Mpumalanga had shot dead his wife who was an employee at Disaster Management.

This incident happened where the husband had asked his deceased wife to come outside so they can talk, he then went inside and came back outside again to shoot the wife.

He then attempted to commit suicide and failed.

Police as well as the Medical Personnel were notified about the incident and they responded swiftly. The woman was unfortunately certified dead by the Paramedics at the scene whilst the husband was rushed to hospital where he is under police guard.

The woman apparently leaves behind her three children.

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