Home Affairs bust an official who was selling visa documents to foreign nationals

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As many officials and citizens raise several complaints about high influx of illegal foreign nationals in South Africa, Home Affairs minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi they also trying hard to fight corruption within the department.

Minister Motsoaledi said this during a budget vote in parliament that was held virtually.

Minister spoke about an official who was illegally issuing visas to foreign nationals who do not qualify.

“One of the instances that made me fight more than ever before was the discovery that our first Secretary for Civics and Immigration Services based in South Africa’s mission in Windhoek, Namibia was found to be selling visas to non-qualifying people in Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

“The scheme was so simple for them that fraudsters did not even have to travel to Namibia to get these documents. They were just couriered to them and delivered on a silver platter.”

Minister Motsoaledi said official has not only been fired yet, but they have conveyed information to the Hawks to pursue prosecution for fraud and corruption.

The Department is said to have revoked 100 visas obtained in this manner.

“I cannot claim in this House that these are all the visas that were defrauded because we do not know. Hence we are busy auditing all the visas this official issued since being deployed to our mission in Namibia from 17 October 2018.”

Motsoaledi equated the act by the said lady to high treason for selling sovereignty of the country to the highest bidder.

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