Graceland Principal Removed following the Death of Leticia Jansen (15)

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Graceland High School principal where a 15 years old young girl, Leticia Jansen was attending was removed by Graceland Education Center.

This follows a lot of outrage and dissatisfaction shown by both the community and Gauteng Education MEC Lesufi about how they handled the matter of Jansen who was stabbed multiple times, raped and burned last week.

MEC is of the view that the school failed to assist the family about the child who had not been in school even after her grandmother said she hadn’t been home and doesn’t know her whereabouts.

He also said that he was disappointed that he had to find out the information on his own instead of the school updating him.

The MEC had also said that principal had to take certain responsibility as he is the one who gave permission for the bus to leave earlier than usual.

The scholar transport that also had a contract with the department had their contract terminated.

It was said that bus which Jansen was supposed to be in, left earlier than it is expected.

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