EFF set to Appeal Ramaphosa vs Mkhwebane CR17 Court Ruling

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“The EFF categorically reject ruling the Gauteng North High Court which has absolved Ramaphosa from accountability as per the rules of parliament and the constitution. We shall therefore appeal the ruling with the Constitutional Court”.

Those are the words said by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) following a ruling by the Gauteng North High Court in a case between Ramaphosa vs Mkhwebane on the CR17 campaign funding.

The court had said yesterday that Mkhwebane had no jurisdiction to investigate the matter and that the President did not have to declare his presidential election funding campaign and he also did not benefit personally.

EFF says they don’t understand how Members of Parliament (MPs) are obliged to declare items worth thousands whereas a leader of the state is not obliged to declare billions of donation money from business.

They said the ruling by the court suggest that there are laws that apply to Ramaphosa and those to apply to ordinary South Africans and former President Zuma. The party also says that it is not correct to say the president did not mislead because he admitted to misleading parliament when he corrected himself in his initial answer.

The party says they don’t understand how court can be silent in sealing CR17 documents.

“Appealing this judgment means we seek to give the highest court on the land the opportunity to either correct unreasonableness of the Gauteng North High Court, or join in obliterating the principles of equality before the law, transparency and accountability” said the EFF.


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