Department of Correctional Services Appoints a team to Curb Spread of Covid-19

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Department of Correctional Services steps up to curb the rapid spread of Covid-19 in the cells as the number of confirmed cases continues to gradually go up.

They announced that they have appointed a panel of experts to help them in this fight.

It was announced on Sunday that 571 people have now tested positive for the virus at their correctional centres countrywide.

Of that number, 393 of them are inmates while 178 are officials.

Eastern Cape leads with more than 50% of the cases in the province and two of the lives from the same province were confirmed.

The department said in a statement that the province had already recorded over 400 cases by May 5th.

“It must be noted that on 5 May 2020, a total of 477 inmates were tested at East London. The first batch of results was received on 11 May 2020 confirming 103 positive cases, 78 testing negative whilst 277 results remained outstanding. DCS is now able to affirm that 178 of the 277 inmates also tested positive which illustrate the upturn in East London,” the Correctional Services Department said in a statement.

It has also been easy for the department during this time of Covid-19 as they were also forced to deal with a hunger strike from inmates weeks ago who were complaining about poor protection from the virus by the department.

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