Boyfriend and Friend arrested for Rape of a Girlfriend

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Police an arrest of two suspects alleged to being involved in a rape and robbery which occurred on May 5.

Their arrest came during a raid conducted by Detectives from the Inanda and Phoenix Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) at Mount Moriah and KwaMashu late Saturday night.

KwaZulu Natal police commissioner Khombinkosi Elvis Jula, Lt Gen said through a statement that the suspects are aged 25 and 26.

“After the arrest of Philane Ndwandwe at Ngoqokazi on 15 May 2020, who is accused of five counts of rape, the FCS Unit detectives zoomed on a rape case that took place in Mount Moriah, which had some similar characteristics with that of Ndwandwe. The victim in the case alleges that on that fateful day she had taken a taxi to Mount Moriah at the request of her boyfriend. She was not familiar with the area so she relied on the directions provided to her by her boyfriend over the phone” said commissioner.

He also said that shortly after the victim arrived, she was met by the boyfriend who asked if they can take a shortcut to his residence.

They then came across a young man who emerged from the sugarcane with a knife and threatened the young lady.

“Her boyfriend also turned on her and they both robbed the woman off her cellphone and cash. Afterwards the pair took turns in raping the woman before abandoning her in the sugarcane fields.”

It is also said that this was the second time the couple was set to meet after their first meeting on December where they exchanged contact details and social media details which the boyfriend lied about, and his name also.

Both suspects will appear at the Phoenix Magistrates Court on Tuesday, 26 May 2020 on charges of rape and robbery.

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