Apparent mentally unstable father stabs 2 years old daughter to death

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A father has been arrested for the killing of his 2 years old daughter in Bleskop Mine Club just outside Rustenburg.

The incident is said to have occurred in the early morning hours of Monday morning as said by the police.

“It is alleged that the suspect woke up in the morning and screamed that there were people attacking them. Upon asking questions, the distressed wife was allegedly assaulted. As a result, she fled from the house together with their six-year-old boy while the suspect locked himself inside the house with the two-year-old girl before damaging household goods.”

It is also said that the suspect had a couple of words exchanged with the negotiator brought by the police to which he did not cooperate.

“The apparent mentally unstable suspect was ultimately arrested by the members of Tactical Response Team (TRT) who handed him over to paramedics for sedation.”

Police added that the lifeless body of the toddler was found with multiple stab wounds inside the house.

He is now receiving medical attention at Job Shimankana Tabane hospital under police guard and due to make a court appearance soon.

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