African Transformation Movement secures motion of no confidence date against President Ramaphosa

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With just two sits in the National Assembly, African Transformation Movement (ATM) has finally managed to get the Parliament’s attention after securing a motion of no confidence against the President.

President Matamela Ramaphosa is set to face his first motion of no confidence that was tabled by the party, ATM, among other things, the party says there has been a rampant increase of unemployment in the country more especially among youth.

They also say that the threat of corruption is hugely compromising our already limping economy, the state has seen an increase in irregular expenditure in the State Owned Entities (SOEs) which went from R 50,1billion to R 61,35billion in 2018/19.

“The President misled the nation when he announced in December 2019 that there would be no load-shedding until 13 January 2020, and failed to take action against those responsible for advising him,”

They added that he failed to ensure that our borders are secure enough to prevent illegal immigrants from entering our country.

The motion is set to be heard in Parliament on Thursday, December 3rd 14:00.

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