President Ramaphosa presents objective plans to recover the economy amid the deadly global pandemic

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President Matamela Ramaphosa says it is still far too soon to declare victory over Covid-19 seeing that the rate of infection has been going below 2K for the last few weeks.

But over 200 days later under national lockdown, the national state of disaster has been extended again to next month after it was said that earlier that it would end in October.

Having declared national state of disaster amid the deadly pandemic the economy both locally and globally still needs to get to its former glory.

President Ramaphosa said these words during a joint sitting of Parliamentary on South Africa’s Economic Reconstruction Recovery Plan early Thursday afternoon.

“In contrast to the State of the Nation Address, where we address the broad programme of government for the year, today I want to focus on the extraordinary measures we must take to restore our economy to inclusive growth following the devastation caused by COVID-19 to our people’s lives and our country’s economy.”

“This is a plan through which all of us as South Africans should work together to build a new economy.”

He then presented objectives the country can follow to build a new economy.

“The objectives of the plan are clear:

– To create jobs, primarily through aggressive infrastructure investment and mass employment programmes;

– To reindustrialise our economy, focusing on growing small businesses;

– To accelerate economic reforms to unlock investment and growth;

– To fight crime and corruption; and,

– To improve the capability of the state.

“All these objectives are linked to the vision of our country set out in the National Development Plan.”

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He also said that scars that were caused by this global pandemic will be with us as the country and the world at large for a very long time.

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