Court Appearance of a Malawian Pastor Accused of Raping a Fellow Congregant

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A 33 years old Malawian Pastor of Enlightened Christian Gathering is set to appear in court today on allegations of raping a fellow congregant.

The incident is said to have happened at the Thembalethu branch in late December.

The 23 years old victim said the pastor invited her for a prayer on the 28 December. Upon arrival the pastor then began asking her about romantic life.

Both past and present before touching her, according to reports.

Few days later after the incident, having heard that the incident is no longer a secret. The pastor then vanished fearing for his life after receiving several threats.

Later on he sent a statement to some of his congregants denying the allegations of rape but not the sexual intercourse.

According to the statement, the pastor said the act was a mutual agreement between the two.

He said although he acknowledges his wrongdoing by sleeping with the lady, he said it was still a mutual agreement and went on to apologise to his wife, kids and fellow church members.

Caption from the pastor’s statement: supplied

It is said that the church is now partly burned down by community members after hearing aboutbthe ordeal.

He is due to appear at George Magistrates Court today.

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