A Man Tries to Commit Suicide after Killing a Woman He Owed Money

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A 40 years old man accused of stabbing to death a 36-year-old whom he owed money allegedly tried to kill himself after the incident.

It is said according to reports that the woman had went to this man in Sebokeng to demand her money. An argument then ensued where the man allegedly stabbed the woman to death.

He then later on attempted to kill himself by drinking poison suspected to being a sanitizer.

After the police’s arrival on the scene, the man tried to force the officers to rather shoot him on the head and kill him, to which they refused.

He is now said to be fighting for his life in an undisclosed hospital in ICU under police guard.

Police official said the deceased was accompanied by her her son this man’s home when she went to collect her money after receiving. The suspect sent the young boy to a shop before he could kill her mother.

He is yet to be charged officially.

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