2020 schooling calendar set to close on December 15, according to the new calendar

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As many industries and operations struggle to adjust to the new norms and negative impact by the Covid-19, schools were also not spared.

The schooling system has seen several adjustments since the commence with now the latest calendar gazetted by the government outlining the new school days that are set to reopen again in August after President Ramaphosa announced that they will close again after health ministry recorded a new spike of the virus.

The new calendar released by the Department of Basic Education on Saturday says that schools will reopen again on August 24 until 15 December.

“The Department considered the impact of the decision to the calendar. The policy process to amend the school calendar commenced taking into account the urgency of the matter as necessitated by the prevalent Covid-19 environment.”

“In terms of the new version of the calendar schools will resume on 24 August 2020. There are 163 actual school days for teachers and 156 for learners” said the department.

They added that the school year will be completed on December 15 for Grade R-11 and that is not carried over to the first quarter of 2021.

Schools will only get a break from October 26 to 30 so as to separate third and fourth term.

Grade 12s are also expected to complete their calendar on December 15th and their marking will be completed on January 22 to receive their results on February 23 2021.

“The new school year will commence on 25 January 2021 for learners and teachers a few days later.”

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Read the calendar below:

Source: Dpt of Basic Education
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