[Watch]”Someone please tell Ntando Duma that being a terrible actress is not a disability”

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Photo: Ntando Duma twitter

The 25 years old actress Ntando Duma has found herself trending on social media for all the wrong reasons after recording herself giving an unknown woman a rude response when told she was not supposed to park her car where she was parking.

The Queen actress had allegedly parked her car at a parking spot reserved for disabled people.

In a video which was widely shared on social media a lady who cannot be seen was heard saying “you’re not allowed to park in there. There’s a ramp… there’s a sign there that says ‘Wheelchairs only’”

To which Duma replied “who said I’m not on a wheelchair?”

Her behavior also saw social media users saying Duma thought she was being a hero by being rude to a white person.

Watch the video below:
Warning some content in this video might be offensive to some.


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