Serial rapist sentenced to over 300 years in prison

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A 46 years old serial rapist who was given a second chance to prove himself that he is worthy to be trusted again by the community despite all the wrong things he might have to them has once again proved that he shouldn’t be trusted.

The convicted Malibongwe Ncokolo went on to kill two people, rape 18 people in between 2014 and 2017 after being released on parole in 2014.

The Bhisho High Court heard during court arguments that Ncokolo had thoroughly planned all his crimes and was well aware of the impact of his acts towards his victims, of which one of them was an 11 years old little girl at the time of the crime was being committed.

His victims were aged between 11 and 29 years old of age.

The National Prosecution Authority (NPA) Spokesperson Anelisa Ngcukani in the Eastern Cape Division said that Ncokolo used the same method to lure on his victims over the years. He would spot and wait for them in secluded areas where he would forcefully grab them and threaten them with a knife before violating them.

“He assaulted seven of his victims and strangled eight of them. He killed the 25 years old Bongiwe Matoyo and 19 years Lindi Malote who both went missing in May 2017” said Ngcukani.

She added that the police only managed to make a breakthrough on the case after he raped a 14 years old little girl on May 31st 2017 in Mdantsane on her way from school.

“She managed to escape after he raped her, strangled her and was trying to drag her deeper into the bushes.”

She was rescued by community members who heard her screaming as she was coming for the bushes, that is when the two female decomposed bodies were also discovered by the members who were searching for him.

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“One was completely naked and only had school clothes on upper part of the body. These were confirmed to be the bodies of Matoyo and Malote” said Ngcukani.

It was also heard that he killed them to conceal evidence because the victims were well known to him.

Presiding over the case Judge Igna Stretch categorised Ncokolo as a serial rapist who showed no remorse and sympathy to his victims.

She said he moved from being just a rapist to now being a rapist and a murderer whom over the years managed to make sure that he goes undetected by the officials.

“His offences were carefully planned and methodically executed” said the Judge.

It was also said in court that 10 of his 18 victims were in their teen years between 11 and 17 years of age who suffered a huge setback in life where some allegedly started to suffer from low self-esteem and began to be anti-social. One of them became an alcoholic.

Judge Stretch was also not happy at how long the case was stretched out by the convict for six months.

“He delayed the process of justice being served because he knew very well there is no way he could evade this time as there was enough forensic evidence to put him in prison for a long time.”

He was arrested on June 5th 2017 by the Mdantsane NU1 detectives and other task team members. In his possession they also found a cell phone of a girl he raped in May 2017.

He was convicted on November 3rd 2020 after being found guilty of 2 murder counts, 18 counts of rape, 4 counts of assault and 2 counts of theft.

Judge Strecth sentenced him to 7 life terms plus 300 years behind bars.

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