Motsepe Foundation Digs R 1billion Deeper in their Pockets to help Fight Covid-19

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Motsepe Family join two of South Africa’s wealthiest families, Ruperts and Oppenheimers who both donated R 1billion each to help in this coming 21 days national lock down.

The family announced through their organisation Motsepe Foundation that they will also be lending a hand in helping the country go through this pandemic.

Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe said through a statement that the family had been in contact with government, health workers and other stakeholders to identify specific projects and needs with the “primary objective of saving lives” and slowing the spread of the virus. This would include the purchase of sanitisers and the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPEs).

Dr Motsepe said they will be joining hands with other companies associated with them and several hundred millions will be made available immediately to help in the medical facilities.

“Some of the money donated will go towards the purchasing of water tanks and drilling equipment for boreholes to provide water to poor rural and urban communities.”


The foundation’s the deputy chairperson and chief executive added that they would be spending R5 million immediately to help University of Cape Town students who had been forced to leave the institution amid the lockdown. The university announced earlier this week that classes would be going virtual. 

“It is important we come together to support the healthcare workers, the nurses, the doctors, to ensure they save lives. Because of the lockdown, our economy is now made worse. I want for us to look at the opportunities this pandemic presents,” she said.

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