Minister Mbalula to Lay Charges against Somizi Mhlongo

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A video showing media personality Somizi Mhlongo talking to his colleague Dineo Ranaka on Instagram where he made a joke about speaking to transport minister Fikile Mbalula has landed him in trouble.

Mhlongo said in his video that he had a chat with the minister who gave him a scoop that the lockdown would be further extended with 2 weeks.

The video touched the minister in a wrong way saying what was said in the video was not true and could cost him a lot and demanded that Mhlongo retracts his statement.

In a twitter update the minister said he had to call Mhlongo and ask him what was he on about and Mhlongo said to him he was only joking he didn’t think the joke would cost him this much.

The minister is set to open the case today against Mhlongo as this might huge negative impact on him.

Mhlongo also shared a video saying he was only joking and didn’t know that the joke would be this serious.

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