Father rapes and infects daughter with HIV

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The Madadeni Regional Court has handed down a life imprisonment to a man who raped his daughter and eventually infecting her with HIV.

The 48 years old man who cannot be named for the protection of the child’s identity, had been raping the young girl from the time she was a virgin in 2014 to 2015.

The evil act by the father was eventually exposed when the daughter discovered that she was HIV positive and knew that her father is the only person she had non-consensual sexual intercourse with. She informed her sister who helped her open a case against the father.

He was subsequently arrested.

Detailing her victim impact statement in court, the girl said that she is now fearful of men and is still haunted by the incidents.

She also feels ashamed and finds it difficult to cope with the thought that her biological father raped and infected her with HIV. Something that will stay with her for life.

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