EFF Donates R 6M to Solidarity Fund

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With the negative impact brought by the deadly Covid-19, many at large found themselves having to take some of the hardest decisions one being closing down economies and suspending activities.

The government opened up a Solidarity Fund where citizens were encouraged to make donations as much as they could to help out those in desperate need.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) made announcement at the beginning of the lockdown that their members would be taking major salary cuts so they contribute and help the government.

Met with controversy from some of their counsellors who said they would go broke if they take salary cuts, the process ended up going through.

The red berets released a statement thanking their members who who selflessly took salary cuts just to help government and donated R 6 Million to Solidarity Fund.

“The EFF has through the selfless sacrifice of it’s public representatives contributed R 12 million to the Solidarity Fund since the beginning of the lockdown. We applaud our Members Parliament, Members of Legislature and Counsellors for their contribution in efforts to preserve human life” said the party.

They also pleaded with other donors who may have contributed to the Fund to make their statements public so as to enforce transparency.

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