Covid-19: “I could be infected. As could you.”

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In his address on the latest update of Covid-19 lockdown Saturday night, President Matamela Ramaphosa has urged people to not lose focus and continue practicing basic hygiene procedures so as to minimise or avoid Covid-19 infections.

He also called out to junior citizens and those who are healthy and strong to protect the senior citizens of the country and those who might be vulnerable to the virus.

“We must all continue to wear a cloth mask that covers our nose and mouth every time we leave home.”

“We must protect the elderly and those with underlying conditions from exposure to the virus.”

“We must continue to practice social distancing and ensure proper ventilation indoors.”

He also called out for people to continue to limit travel to only that which is absolutely necessary, to avoid social gatherings and to remember to regularly wash or sanitise our hands.

“We now know that a large proportion of people who are infected with the virus do not show symptoms and may not even know that they are infected.”

“I could be infected. As could you.”

“With this in mind, each one of us should consider ourselves as potentially infected with the virus and continue to behave responsibly so that we do not pass it on to others.”

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