Beware of scammers posing as Sassa officials, warns Social Development

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As many businesses still struggle to adapt to the new norms of living and inconveniences caused by the Covid-19, scammers are still wide awake trying to cause unrest by misrepresenting government.

The agency issued a statement condemning the email purporting to request members of the public to contact the Regional Executive Manager: MPU, KZN and FS, Mr. Themba Matlou regarding a SASSA Social Relief of Distress BID Number 53 -19 GA which was advertised on government e-tenders website which closed on 26 June 2020.

They urged people to ignore the message as it is has nothing to do with them and it is just another scammers trying to make a way of living through illegal means.

“This misinformation is devoid of truth and is tantamount to causing chaos and anarchy which may lead to unrest and the undesirable consequence of damage to government property,” sais Sassa regional executive manager Themba Matlou in a statement issued on Monday night.

Matlou said that the process to appoint service providers has just started and is only an evaluation process. Successful bidders will be duly contacted through proper channels at an appropriate time.

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