Anyone who Intentionally Spreads Covid-19 May be Jailed

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The Inter-Ministerial Task Team has sent out warning those who spread fake news on covid-19 to stop doing that and also urged people to rely on credible institutions for authentic information.

Spreading of fake news causes unnecessary panic to the general public which may soon turn into chaos. Anyone who spreads fake news may face a fine and six months jailed time.

They also added that anyone who intentionally exposes others to the disease can be arrested and prosecuted for assault, attempted murder or murder.

President Ramaphosa has also warned fake news isn’t helping matters during his address on Sunday. He also declared the disease a national disaster.

“We should be alert to disinformation, rumours, fake news and make sure that we do not disseminate fake news, rumour mongering or unverified information.

Restaurants, bars, clubs and shebeens must also close at 6 pm and can only host 50 people at a time.

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