Al Ahly not happy with CAF’s decision on Champions League finals hosting

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Photo: Al Ahly

With CAF Champions League finals set to play in the next two weeks, CAF has already announced the hosting county on Monday afternoon.

In a statement released by the federation, they said that the previous CAF leadership decided on 17 July 2019 that the winner of the TotalEnergies CAF Champions League will be determined by a one-leg final, instead of the usual two-legged, home and away final.

“CAF received a bid from the Senegalese Football Federation and from the Royal Moroccan Football Federation to host the final of the TotalEnergies CAF Champions League 2022.”

“The Senegalese Football Federation subsequently withdrew their bid.”

“CAF is therefore pleased to award the hosting of the TotalEnergies CAF Champions League 2022 Final to Morocco. The date of the final is 30 May 2022” read the statement.

This is a decision which was not warmly welcomed by one of Africa’s biggest soccer team Al Ahly who wrote a letter to the federation requesting a different host.

The team sent an official letter on Sunday to Mr. Patrice Motsepe, the president of CAF, demanding a neutral venue for the 2022 CAF Champions League final.

“Al Ahly highlighted in the letter that the final should not be hosted by one of the countries of the four teams competing in the CAF Champions League semi-finals and a neutral venue will provide equal chances for the four teams.”

“Al Ahly stressed that the game should be held in a neutral venue, since CAF did not choose the hosting country in an earlier stage, noting that giving one of the four teams the home advantage in the final contradicts the fair play standards.”

Al Ahly concluded in a statement which also released on Monday that they have full trust in CAF’s professionalism and fairness and their commitment to preserving equal rights for the four competing teams.

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The federation is yet to issue a reply.

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