Serial rapist gets over 134 years in jail

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Victims of rape and assault from Kagiso have finally got justice for inhumane crimes that were committed against them by a 36 years old serial rapist who is now a convict.

Percy Matimba Chauke targeted vulnerable and unsuspecting women in Kagiso in between May 2016 & July 2017 on false pretence of helping them find jobs.

Appearing at the High Court in Gauteng Local Division, the court heard how in some instances Chauke would also find women waiting for taxis on the road and threaten them with a knife or firearm while forcing them into secluded areas where he would rape them, assault and rob them of their belongings.

He would then immediately after raping them leave them in the veld to suffer in shame on their own and they would walk to the road to seek assistance.

State Prosecutor ADV Pakanyiswa Marasela also read affidavits to the court about these cases where three of the victims had pictures of their private parts taken and he would threaten to publish the photos should the report the rape to the police.

She pleaded with the court to not be lenient with Chauke as these crimes have a nature of being planned prior and one rape should be enough evidence to prove that he doesn’t deserve to live with people in the society.

Presiding over the case acting Judge Johnson was also not happy at the tactics played by Chauke after trying to delay the case on several occasions.

Acting Judge Johnson in the judgment handed him three life terms plus 134 years in jail after being found guilty of 9 counts of rape, 6 counts of robbery and one charge of theft.

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