President Ramaphosa: An increase in Covid-19 infections in the Eastern Cape should be a huge concern

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Speaking during a nation address on the Covid-19 response, President Matamela Ramaphosa said that the health ministry is still recording a spike in the increase of Covid-19 infections which if not properly controlled might see the country being faced with a second wave.

President mentioned areas where there they detected higher than average rates of new infections which includes Lejweleputswa and Mangaung in the Free State, Frances Baard and Pixley ka Seme in the Northern Cape, and the Garden Route and Cape Town metro in the Western Cape.

He said that spike calls for a serious concern which should be looked into.

“To ensure that we can keep all the necessary prevention measures in place, we are, as required by the Disaster Management Act, extending the National State of Disaster by another month to the 15th of December 2020.”

“The second area of concern that we need to pay attention to is the upcoming festive season, during which many South Africans travel to other parts of the country and where people tend to gather socially.”

“These activities, if not undertaken responsibly, pose the greatest immediate threat to our management of the pandemic” he said.

He said that the rate of increase in the Covid-19 infections in the Eastern Cape should be thoroughly looked into to make sure that it doesn’t get out hand considering that the province saw a 50% increase in the infections just last week.

The province also saw number of new cases in the last 14 days going up at around 145% higher than the previous 14 days.

“The evidence suggests that the increases in the Eastern Cape could have been triggered by outbreaks in institutions of higher learning such as universities, schools and attendance by people at large gatherings.”

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“When this is combined with poor adherence to social distancing, mask wearing and other poor hygiene measures, the environment for rising infections is set” said the President.

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