Mother and two other children arrested for forcing daughter into arranged marriage

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Police confirm an arrest of a mother two of her other children involved in an abduction and arranged marriage of her 19 years old daughter.

It is alleged that a 19-year old girl, a daughter of the 54-year-old woman received a phone call that she should meet her mother at Dutywa town on Friday.

She was then approached by a car while waiting for her mother and was offered a lift by the occupants of the car.

They drove to Mvezo Village, Mthatha to a home of the would-be husband. She was locked inside a house in the homestead but managed to escape the following day and went back home, according to police.

“On Thursday, 06 August 2020 her brother, age unknown, her 22-year-old sister and her 54-year-old mother took her back to Mvezo Village, Mthatha. They informed her that she was getting married.”

“She was locked again inside the house but managed to communicate with her friend telephonically and informed the friend that she was being forced to marry. The friend immediately informed the Dutywa Police and police followed up on the matter.”

All three suspects including the 28 years old arranged husband made a brief appearance at Dutywa Magistrate’s Court and are due to appear again on Friday for formal bail application.

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