Mashaba: our poor people’s lives have not changed since apartheid

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Going on a campaign trail building up to 2021 local government elections, former Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba says the governing party should be ashamed of itself for not doing enough to improve the lives of the poor of the poorest in the country after 26 years into democracy.

He said this during a visit in Attridgeville Extension 19 where residents are still awaiting their RDP homes they were promised three-years-ago.

Mashaba said our government prioritised more on enriching the politically connected and even the senior citizens of the country still find themselves living in dehumanizing conditions.

โ€œI cannot believe (almost) 27-years into our democracy, we cannot build quality houses, the toilets are outside and these houses are targeted at disabled South Africans and this is money where the state house was sold, saying weโ€™re going to build houses for our people.”

“If this is actually meant for our people, it seems like our political environment has not changed from the apartheid era where poor people were never regarded as human beings.โ€

Mashaba launched his new political party Action SA earlier this month and they will be contesting their first elections next year.

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