Malawian man found guilty of scamming a former school teacher of his pension money

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National Prosecution Authority (NPA) welcomes the sentencing of a Malawian man who was found guilty of scamming a retired teacher of his pension money.

Bashir Lauw Kasenjara appeared at the Port Elizabeth Specialised Commercialised Crime Court where it was also found that he is the Republic of South Africa illegally.

Eastern Cape regional spokesperson Anelisa Ngcakani says that it was found that Kasenjera tricked Mlungisi Booi into resigning from his teaching post and cash his pension money and his ancestors would multiply it.

“During June 2017 the 44 years old teacher saw an advertisement in the PE Express newspaper where a Professor Anadkat promised to work miracles with money. The victim then contacted the number placed on the advertisement which resulted in Kasenjera visiting him at his house in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth.”

“Kasenjera introduced himself as Professor Anadkat. For the next four month Kasenjera subjected the victim to a series of spiritual rituals which persuaded Booi to believe that Kasenjera had powers and the ability to establish contact between the victim and his ancestors” said Ngcakani.

Booi then resigned from his employment as a high school teacher after being convinced by Kasenjera to also cash in his pension pay-out and he will multiply it to R 30million through his ancestors.

He ultimately resigned in October 2017 to receive over R 1,042million lump sum in March 2018. It was only after two weeks when Booi gave up R 669 000.00, he also told him to make several other withdrawals and hand him the money so he can cleanse it and give it to his ancestors to multiply it.

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“Kasenjera was eventually arrested in druing the cause of April 2018 in Port Elizabeth by the Motherwell general detectives. During the arrest he tried to bribe the police with R 100 000.00 for his release. The docket was sent to the Hawks for further investigation.”

Senior State Prosecutor Advocate Lisa Keech said a minimum sentence of 15 is applicable to the fraud count and 18 for the corruption count.

“South African citizens are scammed daily by syndicates especially the ancestral and black dollar scams and it was extremely difficult for the police to find and arrest these suspects as they have forged passports, are in the country illegally and use false names. Only cash and cellphones rica’d in other people’s names.”

He is due to be sentenced on August 21.

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