Human Rights Organisation Calls for an Increase of Unemployment Grant to by R 650.00

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While opposition parties welcome President Matamela Ramaphosa’s response to the negative impact the Covid-19 has brought by increasing Sassa grants and boost for the unemployed with a R 350.00 cash injection, some say a lot can still be done.

The announcement by the President on Tuesday had mixed reactions.

A Human rights organisation Black Sash are of a view that while this is a step in the right direction, there is a lot of money in the government pocket that can still be used to help those who are in desperate need at this moment.

The organisation urges government to rather increase the amount from R 350.00 to R 1000.00 for the unemployed and let it not be for this six months duration only.

They also added that the roll out of the temporary Covid-19 grant was also the first step to a permanent basic income grant for those aged 18-59 years with little or no income.

“But it shouldn’t be done blindly there should be a criteria to be followed” said Black Sash.

Ramaphosa also announced an increase of grants both elderly, children and people living with the disability.

Beneficiaries will receive R250 increase of all grants and a R500 increase of the child support grant.

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