Grandfather sent to jail for sexually assaulting 5 and 9 years old grandchildren

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National Prosecution Authority (NPA) in the Western Cape has welcomed the 30 years sentencing of a 56 years old grandfather who was found guilty of sexually abusing his grandchildren.

This incident is said to have occurred on February 2017 at the victim’s grandparents house during a visit where the perpetrator who cannot be named to protect the children’s images, raped, sexually assaulted and walked around naked in front of the five year old and nine year old victims.

The Western Cape’s NPA spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila said the victims were dropped off at their grandparent’s for a weekend visit when this ordeal occurred.

It is said according to the spokesperson that the parents learned about ordeal after being told by the oldest sibling that the grandfather had inserted his hand into her private part while she was bathing on a Saturday evening and her younger sister.

The victim also made the grandmother aware about this and reported that the accused walked around naked in the house but she did nothing.

It is said according to Ntabazalila that it was for the first time the eldest daughter stayed over at the accused’s house as it is not her maternal grandmother.

“The young daughter would however visit more often. The mother immediately contacted the father who went with his current wife to see his eldest daughter. After talking to her the police were contacted and both children were examined after the the youngest also disclosed; stating it happened on more than one occasion” said Ntabazalila.

Parow Regional court prosecutor, Yolanda Pretorious told the the court that both children were very traumatised and it required extensive court preparations considering their ages.

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Both victims testified in court and they were also cross-examined.

The court found during the cross-examination by the grandmother on behalf of the grandfather that there were couple of material contradictions which were later rejected and dismissed.

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