118 babies have been abandoned in hospitals, Gauteng Dept of health

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Gauteng Department of Health has raised a concern on the increasing number of abandoned newborn babies in public hospitals.

The department raised this concern through a statement they released late Thursday afternoon where they also outlined that among many other reasons why these babies abandoned is a lack of support.

“This year alone, 118 babies have been abandoned in various hospitals. Some of the reasons cited for abandoning the babies includes teenage mothers being fearful of their parents, unwanted and unplanned pregnancies, lack of immediate basic supplies of clothes and toiletries for the mother and the new born upon discharge, lack of emotional, financial and social support from the father and undocumented migrant mothers.”

The department also said that the babies would usually spend time ranging from a week, month sometimes even longer depending on the medical condition of the baby.

To stop this act from continuing further, the department said they are working on conducting educational awareness programmes with expectant mothers on care options such as adoption, temporal care and foster care.

Carltonville and Leratong has more abandoned babies all at 19 followed by Far East Rand 13 and Tembisa and Baragwanath Academic Hospital both at 10.

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