Mmametlhake Hospital Nurses Stage a Stay Away Protest

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Nurses in Mmametlhake Hospital are holding a protest at the hospital to express their dissatisfaction of the huge workload they are forced to work under.

We learned last night that nurses that were supposed to be on duty last night recused themselves from work as a form of sending through a message after feeling ignored by the management.

Supervisors were forced to fill in missing spaces.

It is also said according to information at our disposal that, after learning about their plan, nurses were allegedly threatened with huge repercussions and ultimatums should they feel to report to work.

To which they say they feel undermined by such comments and saw the need to act in this manner and demand to be addressed by the department so they can further address their grievances.

It was also said that the hospital’s staff members have been complaining about being short staffed since 2007, their grievances are yet to be addressed.

Mpumalanga health department denied allegations of not taking staff members’ grievances serious.

They also said that they are yet to meet with staff members, unions and the hospital management to discuss the matter.

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