ANC in Tshwane Calls for the Immediate Resignation of Mayor Mokgalapa

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The African National Congress (ANC) in Tshwane are a calling for the immediate resignation of Stevens Mokgalapa who is set to leave the office end of this month.

Mokgalapa who has been marred with scandals announced this past Sunday that he intends to hand over his resignation end of this month.

The opposition party, ANC in the council however called for him to leave office immediately or face a motion of no confidence.

The party also said that they have filed an urgent court application in the Northern Gauteng High Court order that will compel the Speaker to allow a request to rescind an unconstitutional decision that saw the appointment of Zweli Khumalo as Deputy speaker.

They also said they will be pressing charges against the mayor for running down the Wonderboom Airport.

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